Flex-Shot® – Flexible system – more than just a canvas

Indoorgolf redefined

  • more than a canvas
  • patented construction system
  • printable and wrinkle-free

Our patented FLEX-PLAIN® fabrics are highly elastic, permanently dimensionally stable, quiet, dampening and absolutely wrinkle free and for permanent use B1 tested. Choose from different graphics or use your own decor. We print your favorite photo in Full HD. On request, quickly and inexpensively exchangeable. Curtains and tarpaulins were yesterday. The unique high-tech combination of lightweight aluminum profiles and high-elastic fabrics provide you with a robust construction that is precisely tailored to your needs and room requirements. Design your room according to your ideas. Easy assembly and disassembly. In the summer you can make space, in winter you shift your season easily and quickly back inside.

Completely new feeling – realism redefined

The FLEX-SHOT® simulator solutions uniquely integrate the real and virtual worlds of golf. An impressive canvas combined with the most realistic, fully georeferenced virtual representations of famous golf courses worldwide. Realistic gameplay thanks to the precise tracking technology and convincing 3D visualizations in a simulation space that is unparalleled. Is that really still indoor?