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Intertraffic - 20 – 23 March 2018


  • Through various radii and the resulting different material incidence, the challenge was to install the necessary struts so that they do not press through the fabric.
  • Adhering to the minimum bending radius of 250 mm, the contour was perfectly realized.
SIG International

SIG Curved Walls - March 2018


  • Harmonious look between silver aluminum profile and print motif
  • Small, unobtrusive bottom plates ensure high stability.
  • In the bent area, the possible wrinkles are compensated by appropriate scaling and fabric tension.

X-Bionic - 21 – 23 January 2018


  • Many single, high-quality fabric panels reduce assembly time
  • Abstract 3D curved profiles
  • Special optics:
    - Outside with coarse mesh
    - Covered inside with fine-meshed fabric
  • Printed entrance area



Skylotec - 17 – 20 October 2017


  • Freestanding wall elements, held by a steel structure
  • Large window opening
  • The construction is stiffened inside with steel cables
  • The fabrics are clamped in aluminum profiles with double groove, so that only a 6 mm wide web of the profile remains visible

Orderfox - 18 – 23 September 2017


  • Elaborate construction with many winding levels
  • Reveals made of separate fabrics
  • 3D logo attached to the construction

Sony - 7 - 10 February 2017


  • The unusual construction consists of 6 asymmetric ceiling diagonals of different diameters, each around a wooden pillar. The salient feature is that it has funnel-shaped sails that extend to one side. The sails are fixed to the upper part of the timber construction and suspended at an angle. It convinces in its harmonious concept, the simple, yet striking sails attached at different heights. Light effects make them even more attractive.



FI Forum

FI Forum - 15 - 17 November 2016


  • Perfect separation of the entrance area, the individual meeting rooms and information stands. Imposing staging not only by the size of the conception, because it graced the entire hall (dimensions: 156x76m)
  • Construction captivates with its precious design and simple elegance in curved and flowing shapes
  • The color contrast of a bright red and the transparent delicate white reflect the CI colors of Sparkasse
  • Modular aluminum constructions with the covered fabrics are perfectly fitting and elegantly adhere to the wall modules / encase them in a light form
  • In the middle was a rotunda with the lecture area in the lower segment and a stylish café in the upper one
  • Suspended from the ceiling
  • Red banner covered on both sides, double-layered, opaque and light-proof - to prevent bleeding, an additional layer was sewn (red, black, black, red)
  • wall modules - these were also covered on both sides, but single-layered and printed on the outside towards the entrance area; Rotunda: translucent, effect enhanced by light elements from the outside

Stiegenhaus – October 2016

Special design: permanent installation for staircase construction in the entrance area - October 2016


  • An eye-catcher of a special kind. The entire 3D construction impresses with its unusual, curved and asymmetrical design. Both the staircase and the banner construction had to be precisely coordinated due to the individual shape.
  • A total of up to 90% special connectors and 165 m² of fabric were used
  • The system is unilaterally covered and completely printed. Both opaque and translucent, as well as transparent fabrics were used
  • Further highlights are the areas that are integrated into the concept and at the same time separated, inviting communication and conversation.
Meeting Shell

Meeting Shell


  • Meeting / conversation / sales pitch in a new atmosphere. A real eye-catcher in an innovative ambience and with clear structures that represent your company in a stylish and modern way and welcome your customers elegantly. Exactly fitting at Europe's largest trade fair for digital marketing and business.
  • The special feature was the execution as a ball. Both the prints and the open window had to be adjusted according to the curves. Special connectors were used.
Apollo Vredestein

Apollo Vredestein


  • 'Even seemingly simple constructions can sometimes be more'
  • The banners extend over a 462m² stand. They are each printed and covered inside and out. The ceiling banner convince with their individual graphics and brilliant colors. The corners are specially treated and rounded to give the format its effect.
Jonas Farbenwerke

Jonas Farbenwerke


  • The peculiarity of this construction lies in the unique helical and inward descending course of the free-hanging 3D banner. Another characteristic feature is the intense color gradient on the inside of the double-sided printed fabric.
  • In total, just under 40 running meters of fabric were processed