aixSilence® Room acoustics

With aixSilence® room acoustics your search is over. Highly effective sound absorbers created in individual design according to your requirements and your environment. Set effective and stylish accents through new and modern room concepts.

The products of the CALMA® series are ideal for your room acoustic experience. Whether with light elements, your favorite quote, your CI, printed or simple & plain, just as you wish.

Together we create your vision in shape and color.

Noise disturbs and damages everyone, especially in closed rooms. The consequences are the least conscious. Loud and disturbing noises can not only increase the stress potential and thus use a loss of concentration and performance, but also lead to negative physical and mental health. An integrated acoustic at our work and residence places is therefore essential.

Almost unlimited freedom in designing and implementing innovative acoustic elements is made possible by:

  • The unique combination of sound-absorbing core made of highly effective polyester foam
  • our patented design and bracing system Flex-Plain®, as well as
  • the effect-supporting acoustic stretch fabric and exclusively made for our house
  • the individual printability

Take a look at our product overview and get an impression of the acoustic modules from our CALMA® series.

Your advantages with aixSilence®:

  • good speech intelligibility and reduction of noise overlays
  • excellent soundproofing
  • effortless adaptation to any environment
  • effective and trendy
  • Customized motifs via digital printing allow maximum individuality and creativity
  • can be printed on both sides
  • Frame remains distortion-free
  • add more highlights with lighting elements
  • suitable for projection
  • Fabrics are removable, interchangeable, washable and wrinkle free
  • B1 and OEKO-Tex® certified
  • Made to measure “MADE IN GERMANY”
  • Conserving resources
  • easy handling and care

Our goal is to create adequate room acoustics and at the same time stylish design of individual sound absorbers for your room and work environment.

We are pleased to give you advice.

Ideal for:

  • offices
  • open-space offices
  • Call center
  • doctor’s office
  • Reception and entrance areas
  • in gastronomy
  • for public institutions
  • Wellness areas
  • in your private environment

Together we will create the perfect concept for your conditions.